• A Romantic Researcher comes lightly in a Beautiful Place and takes always a deep breath before to become in tune with the place.
  • A Romantic Researcher activates all his senses to know the place, and focuses on what is beautiful and hits him: glimpses, visual details, colours, sounds, smells, tactile perceptions, etc. that belong only and only to that Place. Sometimes you just need to focus on one element, sometimes you need multiple elements, in order to be guided into the next choice.
  • A Romantic Researcher matches to the Sensations he feels the name of the Emotion that he thinks belongs to the Place. He will choose the Name from a specific chest of drawers of the Soul, the one where the Emotions of Beautiful Places are guarded. Our soul has many chests of drawers, one for each kind of encounters. In our case it is the Chest of drawers of encounters with Beautiful Places.
  • A Romantic Researcher gives a picture of the place to anyone who will visit that Place after him. Because every visitor can be led to feel that same emotion, looking at the Picture and reading what beautiful detail hit the Romantic Researcher.
  • A Romantic Researcher can, if he wants, and if he feels inspired, point out a particular Shade of the Emotion he had previously chosen. Because Emotions are infinite, as there are infinite shades of colours. And a Romantic Researcher can help to outline a particular Shade, his very own. Using personal Memories, free Thoughts, Vivid Imagination, Musics evoked or anything that helps him make the Emotion of the Place even more intense.
  • A Romantic Researcher is like a Sommelier. As the Sommelier can tell the Name of what we sense with our palate when we drink a wine, the Romantic Researcher can tell the Name of Emotion felt by our soul when we visit a Beautiful Place.


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