Romanticists in late 1700s were the first to realise it. Beautiful places are true works of art and can give emotions to anyone who wants to feed their soul. With the multimedia project “Romantic Researcher ” we want to create the first map of the Emotions of beautiful Places of Apulia region (Italy), a map of Landscapes, Towns, Monuments, marked by many different colours to indicate different emotions. A Map that every visitor can look at choosing the Emotion that they want to try and that belongs only to that place. It will be a new and special Community, the Community of Romantic Researchers, that will show us the emotion typical of every place. Nowadays, Romantic Researchers, as the Romanticists of late 1700s, arrive hungry in a place to feed from its emotion. And, as the Romanticists of late 1700s, they know that this experience is even more intense if they give a name to the emotion of the place itself. If you have always felt something undefined in front of a beautiful place, then you are already a Romantic Researcher. One of us, that is not ashamed to shout to the world that you have a soul and you want to feed it only with Beauty.



Download the app from Google Play and venture into this wonderful experience. As early users of the app and, therefore, “experimenters”, you can contribute to its improvement by leaving a review and / or by sending an email to info@ricercatoreromantico.it or ricercatoreromantico@eco-logicasrl.it

HOW A ROMANTIC RESEARCHERS ACTSMATCH AN EMOTION TO A PLACEDo you already know how a Romantic Researcher acts and you want to take action?


A romantic Researcher matches to the emotions he feels THE NAME OF THE EMOTION that he thinks belongs to that place. He will choose the Name from a specific chest of drawers of the Soul, the one where the Emotions of Beautiful Places are guarded. Our soul has many chests of drawers, one for each kind of encounters. In our case it is the Chest of drawers of encounters with Beautiful Places.