We want to focus our attention and our hearts again towards Values and Actions that resound with the Beauty of the Soul, the Beauty of Natural and Urban Areas, with Awareness of Emotions, with Care and Protection of Places that move us, with Enhancement and Promotion of beautiful Places, the most popular ones as well as the litte known. This can happen thanks to networking of sensitive citizens in a community that exchanges these Values and Actions and is nourished constantly by them. Above all, we want to do it by playing, to let our Imagination and Fantasy be free.

The “Romantic Researcher project” sets out from the series of the same name written by screenplayer and director Michele Lanubile. In this fiction a researcher wanders around Apulia region aiming to find a name for the Emotions of beautiful Places, taking up a practice in use among artists and philosophers of the Romantic movement: to go in search of Beauty, to feel the emotion of each Place, to give a name to that Emotion in order to make that experience more intense and powerful.

Flourished in the fertile soil of the Living Labs Smart Puglia in 2020, in response to the requirements n. 794 of the Public Archive stated by the Association of Social Promotion “PugliArte”, the project is sponsored by the Temporary Grouping of the companies ITS COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES Srl, Co.M.Media Srl and ECO-Logic Ltd., in addition to COLLAB Research Laboratory, a research center selected from the Living Lab Catalogue, and the Association of Social Promotion “PugliArte”, as the promoter of the requirements.

The “Romantic Researcher” project is a multimedia project that, through the artistic and organisational supervision of Michele Lanubile, provides for the production of the first Episode of the drama Series of the same name. It provides as well for the development of a platform, in a Web environment for PC and a mobile environment for smartphones and tablets, where users will have the opportunity to see the first Map of the Emotions of beautiful Places of Apulia (Natural, Urban and Monumental ones), or rather the opportunity to choose a Place to visit, depending on the Emotion that they want to live and that only that Place can offer. A map created thanks to a new Community, the Community of Romantic Researchers, who, as the Researcher – main character of the series of the same name – , will not only point out the beautiful places they have known and loved, but will especially give a Name to the Emotion typical of every Place. A Community that will meet and aknowledge itself in the real meetings of the Romantic Researchers Clubs, promoted in each area of the Apulia region, and in the virtual meetings on the project website and social networks.

In detail all the project partners Researcher Romantic:

Co.M.Media SRL – Multimedia Communication – Multimedia Communication designs, realizes and provides tools, products and services aimed to create visibility and to support marketing strategies. Since 2000 the agency has been working in the fields of E-Business and Information & Communication Technology using technological innovation in order to provide public and private clients integrated and modular solutions that support business processes, inner and outer communication, task management. Co.M.Media is a company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001 since 2005; it pays particular attention to issues related to SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, it has also obtained the SA8000 certification. Co.M.Media offers its services in partnership with leading companies such as Microsoft (of which boasts a Gold Certified certification) and Sitefinity; it is a founding member of the Cinemarca Consortium and is registered in Lecce “Confindustria” and “Confcommercio”.

Co.M.Media LTD within the Romantic Researcher project deals with communication, the organization of the Clubs, website design and advertising of the platform on social networks and media channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

Eco-logic srl- Environmental Engineering, Landscape Architecture, ICT for the Environment – engineering company founded in September 2003. It works in consulting field and in the service sector. It offers high standard professional, technical and innovative services to public administrations and enterprises. It aims to promote the sustainable management of environmental resources, the conservation and the enhancement of the territory by creating a network of institutional and economic realities inclined to promote and adopt green practices. The areas of intervention of Eco-logic are the provision of consultancy and services in fields such as enviromental Engineering, Landscape architecture, construction and sustainable mobility, implementation of environmental management systems, support in design activities at national and European level, the development of enviromentally innovative and sustainable strategies, realisation of data storages, organizing training courses and development of green marketing and communication strategies. All these activities, whose mission has always been the protection of the environment and the implementation of environmentally sustainable practices, is supported by a team of professionals, both experienced and junior, who provide and integrate their knowledge and skills to achieve the common goals. Eco-Logic’s reliability and professionalism make the company a reliable partner for the launch of ambitious and environmentally sustainable projects. Eco-logic is also the owner of ByBike brand, a project that promotes alternative systems of urban mobility. It has, moreover, the privilege of being the seat of Apulia Chapter of the GBC Italy, offering consulting services for obtaining the prestigious LEED® and GBC certification, intended for buildings and sustainable neighborhoods. Eco-logic, for over ten years, has made ongoing innovation, integration of resources and valuable partnerships with research centers, institutions and universities, the leitmotif of its activity, through which Eco-logic has promoteed the company’s evolution and the development of projects and more and more green-oriented interventions. Eco-logic, with a certification of Quality and Environment since the beginning, is one of the first engineering companies in Europe to be registered in EMAS. It has also received the CONSIP award for the integration engineering/ environment and the Ministry of Environment award for environmental communication. More information on website www.eco-logicasrl.it

Eco-logic within the project Researcher Romantic focuses on developing the Android App for mobile devices. It will collect users feedback in order to select and classify them; will gather the necessary documentation for the identification of Places to set the feedbacks in context, and to create Places’ records.

I.T.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES S.r.l. works in central and southern Italy providing consultancy services, design, development and implementation of information systems for Public administration and for industrial and service companies. In the company ther are qualified professionals who have gained sound experience in technological environments which are recognized as the standard for Information Technology. They hold Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certifications. The company works as a vocational training body in the following areas: Microsoft Technologies (Certified Partner), Agile Software Development Methods, Network and Application security. The company is currently providing financial reports of the technological innovation project “Made in Italy”, which aims to the implementation of a program named “De.Ma.SS Design an& manufacturing Sharing System – New system of shared planning and rapid prototyping. ITS has been engaged in the SMART project specified in the Apulia Region Notice “Aid to the support of regional partnerships for innovation”. The company has carried out the project AIM-DAMS Advanced and Integrated Monitoring of Hearth, specified in the Notice “SUPPORT OF GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF SMEs SPECIALIZED IN” OFFER OF DIGITAL CONTENT AND SERVICES – “APULIAN ICT LIVING LABS” of Apulia region. The project was aimed at the creation of an environmental laboratory for integrated and advanced monitoring, applied to the case study of earth dams. The ITS was responsible for the development of a platform accessible online through which it was possible to view and query the database of numerical measurements made in the field (made with various devices by the partners involved in the project). Since measurements were different from one another and of various types and had a structure that changes depending on the device that generates them, it was necessary to develop a series of “Interpreters” data, i.e. software procedures able to analyse, reorganise and store information within the database of the AIM-DAMS platform.

I.T.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY & SERVICES S.r.l. within the “Romantic Researcher” project deals with the development of the web application (client and server) and of the iOS App for mobile devices.

The Collaborative Development Group (COLLAB) of the Department of Computer Science of the University Aldo Moro studies the role of ICT in the service of collaborative activities carried out at a distance, such as communication, sharing and coordination. COLLAB’s research lies in the intersection between Software Engineering and Social Computing, areas. It focuses in particular on topics such as collaborative software development, global software engineering, social software engineering, computer-mediated communication, affective computing and assistive technologies. During research activities both theoretical models and network applications are developed, verifying experimentally their effectiveness. The group has achieved in recent years the following international awards: IBM Eclipse Innovation Award (2006), IBM Faculty Award (2008), Microsoft Research Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF) Award (2011). More information is available on the website of COLLAB: http://collab.di.uniba.it

COLLAB laboratory, within the “Romantic Researcher” project deals with the process of software development, supporting the adoption of agile methods and the cooperation between development teams and stakeholders, in particular during monthly meetings for planning and review.

The Association of Social Promotion “PugliArte” was founded with the aim to promote the complex cultural heritage of Apulia and enhance it in all its aspects. Among the association’s activities those related to teaching cultural history, art history and archeology stand out. Furthermore, the association is engaged in management of museum, in projects of tourism enhancement, in school tourism, in sustainable tourism, in training and mentoring activities, in the organization of cultural events, in publishing and in European projects. The educational purpose, carried out through the teaching of art and experimental archeology, is felt as a priority. PugliArte collaborates with the University of Bari and with local authorities for the realisation of cultural tours, educational workshops and courses of restoration.

PugliArte Association within the “Romantic Researcher” project deals with organizing the participation of potential users in Clubs located in different parts of the region, with planning media relations activities (focused on research of organizational and logistical contributions from the subjects of the socio-economic system), and together with Co.M.Media will be also responsible of the activities of debate and involvement of the end users, in addition to supporting the different stages of prototype testing.